Hi, I am Kristen Cherry.

I am a mother to three amazing kids aged 13, 11 and 6. I have been married to the same guy for 15 years and together we have lived a life of adventure - most recently a move to Arizona from Ontario. I work as a Marketing and Franchise Director for a local retailer and love the work that I do there.

When I was eight years old, I received my first camera from my great grandmother. It was a Kodak. It used film and flash bulbs - if you don't know what those are then I have successful just dated myself - it was one of my favorite camera's ever. Since then I've matured into digital and now play with more sophisticated hardware and software to capture and develop my imagery, but those flash bulbs were what truly instilled my love of photography.

When people ask me to describe my style I often say that I am a lifestyle photographer - which means I trend towards a more natural and authentic shooting style. My goal is to always try to capture real moments. This approach allows for images that evoke emotion and showcase the true spirit of the subject matter, from landscapes to people. I love candid shots that showcase the emotions of a relationship, a conversation, a feeling and of course a moment - all in the search of a story.


Roxann - A Well-minded life

“Kristen rocked my photo session, capturing so many amazing options for me to use. She is creative and asked the right questions in an effort to really understand the look and feel I wanted in my pics. Highly recommend her!!”

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